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LLBS lalineabiancastudio is actually operating in three main offices:
Rome, Syracuse and Berlin.
And has been Founded and directed from Rosario Marrocco.
He gathers and collects many scientists, researchers, professionals and artists from different nations, presenting a single and diverse high profile on a cultural and professional base, drawing up, combining and contaminating their valuable and relative contribution.


lalineabiancastudio operates as:
interdisciplinary scientific research and development workshop,
research and development workshop for science and art subjects contamination,
private architecture practice, workshop and vocational training
Design Project and Communication

Research and Practice

lalineabiancastudio works on the fields of Design Project and Communication, including all the related professional areas, developing, investigating and, at the same time, researching the strong link and conjunction among research-development-practice.

The Research

This way, the Research for lalineabiancastudio is not only a natural evolution and a value added to the invention and realization of design projects and products, but also a source and lifeblood for the Profession’s traditional statute and its peripheral intervention areas.

Space Imagine Sound

lalineabiancastudio carries out a research upon Space (Architecture, Design, Landscapes, etc.), Image (Virtual Environments, Graphics, Hypergraphics, multi-video-media, Advertising, No-profit Ads, Social Campaign, Corporate Identity, etc.) and Sound (Sounding Landscapes and Architectures, audio-visual installations, Set Designs of noise and sound, etc), declining it towards an innovative and far-seeing efficiency, intending to look ahead to the next future, made of professional, complex and hard to discern globalities.
This way, we involved ourselves deeply in joining professional and cultural, geographical and intellectual identities to demonstrate our will to push ourselves "further".
Whithin lalineabiancastudio, the studied and treated phenomena – and their related phenomenology – such as Image Space and Sound are moulded according to a concept and idea, which places the concerning satellites (Architecture, Design, Landscapes, Graphics, Communication, Multimedia, Audio Sets, Video Sets, Performances and events: that is to say the sub-mentioned trinomial’s areas, including the entirety of their meanings and permissions) in two different operating lines:

The First One (Y), carries out an expertise, which serves Community, Client, Public and Private.
That expertise offers highly qualified and qualifying products to the social and cultural overview, in line with the most current and traditional market demand. This way, target and marketing give customers a creative idea, which – once the competition and competitiveness barrier has been overtaken – turns project/products offered on the marketplace into valid, concrete and effective ones. The sub-mentioned projects are basically in line with the demand of the most actual market and this transforming society, inviting users sometimes to get involved in a creative way.

The second One (X)
aims to the identification of projects and products turnable into a creative excellence’s territory, where research and expertise meet each other, generating projects, products, services and high level training, such as: science and creative research, originality and innovation.
That is about ideas and thoughts first, then products and realizations, which become a sort of unicum – setting oneself up as an archetype for a given project, shape or concept -.
Remarks, starting points, imaginations are collected from contemporaneity and within its related society, always more deep-seated in a dialectics between reality, desire and abstraction.
Analyzing, knowing and conveying known spaces, inventing and making useful contaminations and interdisciplinarity between genres and well-established/to be invented sciences, are the principal aim.

The Training Activities

The same link between research-development and expertise fits in the Training activities’ sector too and it’s logically extended there.
lalineabiancastudio approaches a new and dynamic shape’s formulation, which crosses – in primis – the threshold of mono-disciplinarity and covers the multi-discipline’s contamination, either where it has been already determined, or the range of activity, sense of making and knowledge – merging together – become a dark matter, complicated to turn into writing.
lalineabiancastudio grounds its training concept on that apparent – but substantial and substantious – il-logical and un-tidy proposal.

Audiovisual, interactive and sensorial Set-design

lalineabiancastudio operates also within the scene’s background, that is the design project, organization and realization of all those art performances, giving life to cultural events and localizing undiscovered and incomplete intervention areas.

The Globalization

lalineabiancastudio looks into the future, trying to foresee expectations and desires and being confident that globalization will turn distinction and thought’s place, spiritual territory and physical reason into its own features of a New Making, where autonomy, cultural and intellectual, geographical and sociological identities will be – at the same time- collected together and also a collection of new phenomena (whose writing is currently in progress).

Forewords first and Purposes next The hybridization.

The certainty of a necessary hybridization between the so-called sorts and typical distinction among different ways of behaving, doing, seeing, hearing and feeling has introduced the creation of a “machĭna”, good for re-casting and re-generate methodologies, thoughts and ideas, which are potentially suspended between development and science research, training and expertise and among abstraction, creativity and invention.

Imagination and Realization

Imagination and realization narrow all the gaps in-between, as they are the point of interest, thoughts and action analysis, through a White Line way.
Science and art almost touch each other, preparing themselves for an action, which recovers Leonardo Da Vinci’s archetypes, Kantian associations and contemporary visions.
Science areas, cultural fields and art dimensions consciously melt their rich “unexplored material” and unfinished cross extension.

The Research Centre

This way Lalineabiancastudio becomes a “Centre” where the typical meaning of Studying rises enhancing potentials, goals and projects, planned and mostly “seen” in a dynamic reality, which is un-visible for the contemporary society itself.

Exploring, Researching and Testing place

Therefore – moreover – lalineabiancastudio becomes a “Centre” where the classical meaning of Studying melts with the same idea of the Centre as an exploring, researching and testing place, and where design projects are followed from conception through realization. A re-Foundation where the Kantian spirit turned into Genius delivers its material and nonmaterial substance, expressing the esthetical form and content.
By the way, Space, Imagine and Sound become a moulding matter to the nth artistic degree, within a cultural, scientific and artistic re-Foundation.


Within that Mission, Concept and premise, Lalineabiancastudio goes 360 degree around a physical and Space universe, involving, absorbing and necessary mixing people from every artistic and scientific background or nationality.
The geophysical and/or virtual survey – means writing and marking out some points composing “this Line” (this line, and not the other ones), ideally and metaphorically recognized as the line where the sky meets the sea and the sky meets the land.

A line granting every side a connection.

Because of that, people – or points, to say it better – composing lalineabiancastudio, gain importance and peculiarity, not in their singularity but in their majority, not only a cultural and intellectual one, but also made of individuals.

Organization Chart

lalineabiancastudio is currently composed of:
Scientific Committee
Foreign Relations Consultants
Technical Consultants
Artistic Consultant
Creative Workshop: Surface
Being the Office turned from a normal Practice into a Training Centre, a sort of professional and training WORKSHOP for interdisciplinary Research, some purposes – among the existing ones - are the pass key for an operative world made of attention, concentration and thinking:

Some Purposes

1. The internationalization of a relevant Training Centre, reaching and globalizing so “distant” places, carefully keeping their local identity (as a matter of fact, on 2nd February, 2009 on a radio interview by Radio RAI – Taccuino italiano - Rosario Marrocco was talking about the concept of “Global-localization”, related to Lalineabiancastudio’s Training Centre/Workshop)

2. The affluent and potential “thinking, mature and white heads” and young and enthusiastic heads, able to discuss and act in mutual respect, having the intention of developing themselves and also making the other develop themselves, well knowing that thought and Genius have no limits or age.

3. The original union, interdisciplinary research and contamination among different artistic, cultural and intellectual genres, the (possible) ibridation between art and science for a professional, social and conscious design and a training at the leading edge as well.

4. Research as founded and founding element.
On this line, our products and proposed projects (X) are original and capable of turning culture and research into a “service” for the society, and, at the same time, using the word RESEARCH as: “survey for collecting documents, evidence to verify a certain situation”.

5. The original training, coming from our multidisciplinary offer, full of Minds of every sort and level, through a wide potential of Trainers: such as professors, teachers, supervisors, tutors and experts.

6. Conveying Lalineabiancastudio’s strategies through a circuit of offices across Europe (from Greek Neapolis through the heart of contemporary culture), localizing satellites and their on-board envoys, along the orthogonal projections to that LINE, going from Syracuse to Berlin, passing and stopping in Rome, town of rest and extreme attention.

7. Communication: efficient, minimal but capable of catching thoughts, visions and values and of knocking at the door and make the others open it to get in on tiptoe, without making noise but only listening to them.
This way, that wished and necessary DIALOG develops, gets started and carries on lalineabiancastudio.
A constructive and constructed dialog crossing a word’s circuit translated in 18 languages and collected on the web-site of lalineabiancastudio.

Berlin, Rome, january/april 2009
Prof. arch. Rosario Marrocco
(Founder of Lalineabiancastudio)

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